The best parallel clamp in the world just got ….stronger!

The original K Body from 1980 started with less than 1000 lbs of clamping force. The BESSEY K BODY REVOlution (2007 – 2018) was rated for a nominal everyday clamping force of 1500 lbs. With the new BESSEY K BODY REVOlution the bar has been raised to 1700 lbs. Not that you will always need to clamp that hard but, knowing that you can… that counts for something.

Before launching the NEW BESSEY K Body REVOlution we asked a focus group of woodworkers about their thoughts on the new REVOlution.  Here are excerpts from their feedback.


Describe the New BESSEY KRE K-body REVOlution.

Fantastic. I will never own any other clamps. As I get older the comfort and smooth clamping action become more important.
Joe from @jmcwoodworking

Great improvements excellent design quality
Kim from @McIntyreFurniture

User friendly & extremely functional. 
Joseph from @Outofthewoods.Works

Modern looking, streamline, exceptional quality
Chris Parker from @cpbuildsww /\

Solid, durable, accurate, precise, reliable
Charlie Meyer from @Foolish_Designs 


What are the things that you like most about this new BESSEY KRE K-Body REVOlution?

The comfort grip handle, the easy movement of the clamp and the pressure it exerts with little turning effort. 
Joe from @jmcwoodworking

I like how the jaw doesn't slip when pressure isn't being added. It is so nice not having to move the clamp with two hands all the time because you don't want the head with the handle to suddenly drop when you pick the clamp up. I also think it is way more user friendly when you first start applying pressure and you don't have to press down the end of the handle before twisting it to get it to grip onto the bar. For those new to woodworking, this will make glue ups way easier and certainly less stressful. At first I didn't think I would use the hex head handle often, but after product testing it, I actually think I might dedicate a 6m hex to my shop apron as it is certainly handy
Kim from @McIntyreFurniture

The operation of the throat clamping mechanism is a lot smoother and easier to use. It does not slip off the bar when operating or aligning the clamp in position. This was the major difference I found to be incredibly beneficial. I also like the new look of them. 
Joseph from @Outofthewoods.Works

The facelift…the color is BESSEY red and the quality that BESSEY is known for shines through on this newly redesigned BESSEY K-Body REVOlution. Getting rid of the ”ribs" on the fixed face and sliding jaw really give this clamp a more streamline and modern look...very eye-appealing if you ask me. The rail protectors seem to be a hair larger, I probably still won’t use them but it’s nice they are included with the clamp, and the steel bar is top notch quality. The sliding jaw is easier to use/move when compared to the previous generation. I would really like to see a lever added to make it even easier to move…something like what JET has on their parallel clamps. I never noticed any slippage on the previous model and didn't see any with this one either but obviously people had an issue with that…you addressed that so hats off to you for listening to your consumers. The additional 200lbs of clamping force is nice but I tend not to over clamp things but it's nice to know I can really torque on these clamps and not worry about breaking them. I'm a big fan of the 2K handle and it's nice to see a hex headed molded into it. Granted, I will probably never use that feature but it's nice to see you added that for consumers. Very pleased to know the accessories from the previous generation will work with this model but would really like to see the accessories be offered in a "big box" store so I can get them when I need them instead of ordering them. Just a thought.  ’
Chris Parker from @cpbuildsww /

They're super solid, well made, nothing cheap or flimsy about them. I love the rubber grips on the handle, and how the clamping surfaces have removable covers. I also really like the additional supports including for clamping longer pieces
Charlie Meyer from @Foolish_Designs 


Based on the improvements of the BESSEY New KRE K-Body REVOlution, 90% of those surveyed would purchase it over competing products currently available in the market.